Friday, September 21, 2012

History has Consequences or why do they hate us.

Americans ask again and again, "Why do they hate us?"
Diplomatic relations between the US and North African and Middle Eastern States has been complicated and remains complicated.
A sullied history is a major contributing factor to understand the challenges the USA faces today. Several crucial episodes underly our current situation. These episodes include:
1953 The USA and Britain overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran and installed the Shah a torture driven tyrant with the aim to maintain control over Iran’s oil.
1967 Israel fought a preemptive war and occupied Syria, the West Bank (Jordan), and Egypt. No action was taken against the Israeli occupiers.
1979 Iranian students with government approval seized the US embassy and took diplomats hostage.
1979 The USA armed the Mujahedin to fight after the Soviet conquest of Afghanistan, when the Soviets left defeated (1989) the US abandoned the fighters that later became the perpetrators of 9/11
1990 Saddam Hussein invaded and occupied Kuwait.
1991 The USA created a coalition of nations to successfully expel Iraqi forces.
2001 Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC and DC the US armed forces occupied Kabul and much of Afghanistan to displace the Taliban allies of Bin-Laden.
2003 The USA initiated a preemptive war against Saddam Hussein and occupied Iraq. The occupation ended in 2011.
2012 Israel still occupies substantial lands seized in the 1967 conflict and is completing the construction of a security wall to ghettoize the occupied territories.
It has been US policy over most of these years to financially support Arab strong men (tyrants) to maintain order and good relations with the West while oppressing their own citizens.

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