Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LYNCHNG by any other name

Up to now I have refrained from discussing Stand Your Ground as a defense for murder in Florida. This law passed by the GOP dominated legislature and governor with the assistance of the NRA and right wing leaning corporate money through ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is a travesty to common legal reasoning as well as a license for racist murder. As I understand SYG if a person fears a threat from another, this fear becomes a legal justification for using deadly force against a perceived threat. With SYG there is no expectation to withdraw (run for your life), but rather draw and shoot. The reason this “defense” is questionable from the start is that the doctrine ignores (deliberately?) social reality. How often have I heard about and heard directly whites express their fear of the other. Just the presence of persons of another race or ethnicity stimulates anxiety about personal danger. On its face this appears absurd since history reports that African Americans have been the victim of violence at the hands of white law enforcement and ordinary citizens for decades. I suspect that the source for this dread is fear of the unknown and incipient racism. Since many white Floridians fear those of another race, they walk around every day in fear of threats real or unreal thereby meeting the standard of the defense. What party would write a law to justify deadly force in a nation or state ignoring a majority that displays such social backwardness. Stand Your Ground, Governor Scott, must be repealed!

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