Friday, July 19, 2013

After one recognizes "pro-life" is merely doublespeak

“pro innocent life” Coming out of the theological closet no. 1

Have you noticed that more and more you are seeing the appearance of a new phrasing, “pro-innocent-life”? The recent appearance of this expression of the “anti-choice” or “anti-abortion” crowd is revealing. Evidently the Christian right has finally and logically recognized by their own words that they are in fact NOT pro-life. It is difficult to defend a claim to be “pro-life” while supporting war or even pre-emptive war, and capital punishment. This new slogan of the Christian right once again demonstrates a lack of theological sophistication of its adherents. Apparently they do not understand their own belief system. The developed Augustinian doctrine of inherited sin, original sin, or inbred sin represents the traditional view of Catholic theology and as well as Reformed and Wesleyan interpreters. Holding this dogma there can be NO innocent life. A key text undergirding this belief is Psalms 51:5.

Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. (KJV)

Denying the commonly held view by Catholics that the sex act in of itself is sinful, this sentence denies any functional innocence of the unborn from conception on. The entry, do unbaptized babies go to heaven, is a hot topic for in Google it produces 12,200 results. For example the web site entitled, “Where Do Unbaptized Babies Go When They Die?” reports this dilemma:

“If we say that the unborn and unbaptized infants automatically go to Heaven, there's a serious risk of presumption (or worse, thinking of abortion as assisting these poor souls).  It also seems to undermine the Church's teaching on the necessity of infant baptism.”

In case you miss the theological quandary here it results directly from the church teaching of the necessity of infant baptism. The rite of baptism is the ordinary means to cleanse anyone from original sin. Without baptism original sin remains. If original sin remains there can be no original innocence. Thus the use of the phrase “pro-innocent-life” is illogical and just propaganda.

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