Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Which side actually has a complete lack of evidence?

The "missing link" problem

I continually hear the claims from anti-science people about "missing links" or gaps of evidence in the fossil record. Of course gaps exist in the evidence so far discovered. Who would honestly deny this fact? When considering the available fossil record the first observation that every side must acknowledge is the near miraculous character of such physical remains. Deposition is random and so is survival of remains. That so much has been recovered over the past two centuries should be a source of astonishment, joy, as well as thanksgiving. Instead of gloating about gaps we should be grateful that finds of physical remains have allowed theoretical construction to be as fruitful as it now is. Now let's go back to the alleged problem. Such gaps they suppose offer sufficient reason to reject any kind of evolutionary theory.Those who argue this way however suffer a blindness concerning evidence themselves because this so-called weakness is not the sole problem of evolutionists. For in fact this gap of evidence must also be recognized and finally faced by those who argue a young earth creationist position. Nowhere on earth have physical remains for homo sapiens or earlier hominid skeletal forms been recovered alongside prehistoric remains representing the many forms of dinosaurs. Since creationists like Ken Ham (see Creationist Museum) actually preach that humans and dinosaurs lived together at the very same time, logic requires that one ask, where is the physical evidence to support this novel contention? Documenting the evidence in the geological strata to confirm such claims is required first before anyone can identify a system with such ideas as "scientific creationism." So far not one example exists. Of this I am certain for if such evidence existed, those like Ken Ham would have published this finding in all the newspapers of the world.

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